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Pest Control

"If They Run, They'll Only Die Tired!"
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General Pest Control Services:

All of our Residential Services include the main structure, attic, crawl space, exterior and the yard (curb to alley). We offer a variety of service options such as:

                                                        * 30 Day (Monthly)

                                                        * 90 Day (Quarterly)

                                                        * Annual (12 months)

Convenient evening and weekend appointments available.          NO contract to sign!

All of our Commercial Accounts are given the same quality treatment as our Residential accounts. 
NO contract to sign!   Free Estimate.

AAPC is a full spectrum pest control company. As a matter of safety, 
INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT is incorporated into all of our services.

Termite Control / Builder Pre-Treatments:

We are able to diagnose and control all forms of wood destroying insects including termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles and wood destroying fungi. We also have a variety of warranty options and renewal options. Discounts given to volume builders.

Real Estate Transactions:

Certified to perform Inspections for Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Reports for real estate transactions. AAPC is able to diagnose and control all forms of wood destroying insects and fungi.

                     * Member of the Abilene Association of Realtors

                     * Computer Generated Forms and Graphs

                     * Delivery of Report to Closing Agent

                     * Lock Box Access

                     * 24 Hour turn-around on most reports

                     * Annual Wall & Void Service Available

One Year Guaranteed Annual Wall & Void Service:

Using the most advanced long lasting materials, we confront the bugs at their source and in their harborage sites. By treating behind electric plug covers, switch plates, appliances, cabinets, voids, plumbing access', and other "hidden" areas, we eliminate the bugs' nesting sites, resting areas and travel paths. This proven method will result in a long lasting treatment that combines effectiveness with the highest degree of safety. Our method is so effective that we will guarantee it for one full year! If the bugs return, so will we - at no additional charge!

Our advanced treatment methods reduce your pesticide exposure up to 90% compared to old fashioned indoor spraying. Our exterior treatment creates a barrier that helps eliminate bug problems before they get inside and start nesting. The bottom line is this - spraying the outside of your walls and baseboards does not kill the bugs on the inside of your walls and baseboards.

This service includes the main structure, attic, crawl space, exterior and yard (curb to alley).

Licensed and Certified by the Department of Agriculture - Structural Pest Control Service
​TDA TPCL# 0566325

Pest Control & Bed Bug Removal

A leader in restorative and preventative exterminator services

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